– Technology & Medical Equipment Planning

Technology & Medical Equipment Planning is a one of the key components of designing healthcare institutions.

As technology and Medical Equipment continue to evolve rapidly, they have has a direct impact on the overall space and on the entire design process of a Healthcare facility.

At SuisseMed IHS we are qualified to deliver the most comprehensive medical planning product to our clients. We bring innovation to the client in planning and designing the most suitable and technologically advanced equipment for each project applying a holistic approach, while ensuring that the client get the best value for his capital and operational investment.

Our Medical Equipment Planning solutions include:

  • Existing Equipment Assessment/Inventory
  • Needs Analysis/Budget Development
  • Medical Equipment List Definition
  • Specification Development
  • Programming/Review Meetings (Clinical)
  • Placement Drawings and Room Layouts
  • Project Schedule
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Installation and Relocation Management

In addition, we also offer tender and RFP support, procurement management services, and installation and commissioning supervision.