– Procurement Performance Optimization

Procurement Performance Optimization is a comprehensive advisory service which includes Procuring for solutions.

Procuring for solution is a form of highly sophisticated procedure involving negotiation. Although procuring for solutions is new and complex, it may have enormous potential to encourage the focus on innovation in healthcare procurements. Procuring for solutions targets a care outcome as the basis for a tender award on the basis of a construct. Effectively, bidders are asked to provide information on a whole suite of products and services to cover that condition. This involves complex specifications and value-assessments. SuisseMed evaluates all the solutions by a new methodology named Total Benefit of Ownership (TBO) that enhances efficiency and the clinical outcomes taking into account the best financial approach for the Clients.  All this ensures that the full innovative product landscape is accounted for at all stages of the project.

Our Solutions include:

  • Client and Clinical Needs identification
  • Needs and Technology Assessment
  • Procurement Methodology definition
  • Financial Analysis
  • Pre-Tender Market Engagement
  • Support for the entire Procurement Process
  • Risk Management